(just starting to figure out how to blog and add a picture- noticed that the quote appears to be cut off. It says, “Today I am doing nothing, because I started doing it yesterday and I wasn’t finished… and I’m no quitter)

There are a number of things I am doing to prepare for my Camino. Number one on my list is to prepare physically for walking, on average, 25km a day for 33 days. I began what I would call “conditioning” on January 8. Using the treadmill, I am alternating walking with my hiking boots on and stationary running every other day. To stay motivated, I signed up for the 30K Around the Bay road race. Unfortunately, the “cold that never ends”, which has struck many people this year, often culminating in pneumonia or bronchitis, has returned to settle in my chest yet again, after a month long visit in January. This has curtailed my long runs and I feel a certain inertia creeping in. Fortunately, the sun has returned and the temperatures are unseasonably warm, so getting outside is now an option. I have started walking outdoors with my boots and backpack on and increasing my distance. My husband refers to me as “The Runaway Bunny” (a family favourite children’s book). I have weighted my pack to contain 20lbs, which is the weight I will carry on the trip. At present, it contains a bag of cat food rejected by a finicky feline, some blankets, my rain poncho and a 5lb dumbbell. I’m hoping I will be able par down all the necessities of life that I will require for 40 days into a 20lb pack. Should be an interesting exercise. I will take a sleeping bag, but accomodations in the form of hostels and auberges are available along the well travelled route, so I will not be camping out- thankfully (my idea of camping is a 5-star hotel). Time to get off the computer now and head out for a run. Adios!


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