My bags are packed..unpacked,repacked…

IMG_0217One week until I’m leaving on a jet plane ✈️.  I have jettisoned the cat food, dumbell and blankets that filled my knapsack for training purposes and have now packed, weighed, unpacked, removed items, repacked, and  still am second guessing what I think I will need to get me through the trip. The challenge is trying to predict the weather and deciding if I need  to go heavy on the clothing that will keep me warm in the cold, or cool in the heat. Reality is, I hate extremes. I am built for 20 degree (Celsius) temperatures.  A little like Goldilocks, I like things not too hot, not too cold, but just right. Unfortunately, I don’t get a say on that and have thus loaded my bag with too many “just in case” items. I recognize this as my fear- my fear of discomfort. A fear that I need to contend with in order to lighten my load and not be carrying a knapsack that presently looks ready to burst, like an oversized, overcooked Octoberfest sausage! Bare necessities only. Time to rethink and repack!

One thought on “My bags are packed..unpacked,repacked…

  1. You are probably on the plane to Paris right now. I’m looking forward to following your trip so I hope you blog a lot. Take care out there.


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