Day 2- Communion

My day started at 6 am when the dorm lights were turned on and two older Dutch men walked through the halls playing a guitar and singing Morning has Broken. Had to laugh because it brought back memories of Sunday mornings when my dad (also Dutch) would wake us up playing  the same song on the organ! The Dutch do love to sing! It is surprising how quickly connections are made on the Way. There are certain people whose paths you keep crossing, though you made no plans. The first couple I met were Canadians from Ajax who like myself, narrowly missed our train due to long customs line ups in Paris. We shared a cab to St. Jean, and met up numerous times along the trail, the first day, although walking at different rates and taking different breaks. Met them on the trail again today and unplanned, we all ended up going an extra 5 km to meet again this evening. I also met an Anglican Priest from Ottawa ( ironically, all 4 of us Canadians were wearing Maple Leaf Blue ( even though he is a nasty Senators fan). We ended up finishing our walk at the same time and then ended up sharing the same bunk bed. Wow,  that  probably sounds somewhat risqué, but I promise you it is not! The dorms aren’t segregated by gender, so beds are on a first come first served basis. A bit unsettling and  strange,  but it is only day 3 and the novelty wears off quickly! Anyway, that is the way it is. Introductions are quickly made and in no time you feel like a family, talking politics, religion, making jokes and eating a communal meal at the end of the day. The wifi here is slow and I am having trouble saving these blogs, so it may be a few days in between. The sun is shining here and all is well. This is how we celebrate communion, Camino style! IMG_0307