This One’s s for You (Marv)

IMG_0414In earlier times, pilgrims carried nothing but a small sac on a stick and relied on the generosity of the church and strangers along the way to provide for their needs. While most of us have the means to pay for our own accommodations and meals, there is still much sharing and generosity that is offered by the local people as well as amongst the pilgrims. Early in today’s walk, we passed by a fountain of wine where anyone can freely fill a cup. A local winery is carrying on this tradition once offered by the local monastery. Probably good planning on their part that the fountain is at the beginning and not the end of the day’s journey. Shortly after my vino pit stop, two paths diverged in the woods, and I choose the road less travelled and thus travelled alone for most of the day. It was refreshing to spend time in silence and even the rain did not detract from the serenity of the day. I spent the previous evening in a pension with a single room,  as I had not yet had a good night sleep in the dorms. It was both simple and absolutely heavenly to have a double bed with sheets and blankets and a private bathroom! However, in choosing that place, I was in my own and wondering what to do with my evening in an unknown city. I decided to go for a walk and being a little directionally challenged, did not know where I was going. However, as fate would ( or I would call it a “Godincidence”) I happened upon my friends who invited me to dinner at their hostel, and then waked me back to my place. While I may be here on my own, I am never alone.

2 thoughts on “This One’s s for You (Marv)

  1. Clara is hardcore teething and the two kids wake each other up all night. Then we are cranky all day. In the last two days I find myself fantasizing about being alone on a trail like you.


  2. It’s funny how the Godincidences occur when the prayers go up and subside when the prayers go down! Love the personal stories – you will have so many precious memories!


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