Words for the picture of Rest Day

My many apologies. I am having trouble getting my words to save. Tenth time is a charm. Today, “The Fellowship”, our rag tag group of 6 random pilgrims consisting of myself, 3 priests (a South African, a Canadian and a Romanian – sounds like the start of a joke- three priests walk into a bar…), a young, hip New Yorker and a chef from London, parted ways. Three of us decided to stay and nurse our various ailments, while the other three carried on. I have developed a rash on the back on my ankles, which could be a result of “breaking the seal” and using the forest facilities for the first time.  The New Yorker has suffered with bad ankle blisters, lost toe nails and a blood blister on one toe due to improperly fitted boots, very reminiscent of the movie The Wild. Our third friend brought along “the monster”, a heavy knapsack loaded with too many “necessities” and his tendons are telling the tale. After incessant but kind mocking, he traded it in for a smaller, lighter model. None of these issues are uncommon on the Camino and we were well cared for by the local Farmacia , drug store who viewed and patiently nursed our various infirmities. We took our rest at the local cafe, catching up on journal entries, news from home and sampling the local delicacies- cafe con leche ( coffee with milk) , fresh squeezed orange juice, and the food. The picture you have now seen numerous times is me enjoying the equivalent of Spanish poutine called patatas bravas- large chunks of deep fried potatoes smothered with sour cream and a spicy tomato sauce. For tea time, we enjoyed chirros, a fresh donut- like pastry dipped in a rich., warm chocolate mousse, paired with a bottle of the local La Roja red wine ( wine is as cheap as water here- silly not to). We are rested, refreshed and ready to continue our journey in the morning. Cheers!

One thought on “Words for the picture of Rest Day

  1. You look amazing, sorry about the boo boos, but carry on in style. Your group of wanderers sound like fun. So far so good. Blessings.


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