The people you meet

IMG_0604.JPGI’m sitting under an umbrella to shade me from the sun on the patio of the Alberge (hostel) in which I have stopped for the night. I walked 31km today, largely through farmland. My Camino is taking on a certain predictable rhythm. Up at 6 am, pack my knapsack, walk to the closest bar (they call everything a bar here- even though it is more of a cafe- but they do serve alcohol at any time of day and it isn’t uncommon to see a Spanish man drinking wine or sipping beer at 8 am), walk until lunch break, walk to my destination for the evening, unpack bag, shower, wash clothing, relax, eat dinner around 7pm and then in bed by 9pm. Of course, a lot of thinking ( or not thinking), socializing and enjoying nature happens in between the “mundane” of the routine. In the past hour as I sit typing this note (wifi service is variable and I already lost this once), I have already connected with my new roommate- a Scottish woman hurrying to meet her deadline and get to the end before she flies home, one of two older Dutch brothers I met the second day on my journey, but haven’t seen for several days, a Bavarian monk who shared a snack with me one night when I was feeling lonely ( he is quite an enthusiastic fellow- think of a German Mr. Bean, who loves talking, beer and The Lord!), a Brazilian woman, whose English, we discovered, is much better than my Spanish, a young German I spent a couple hours walking with, and an interesting woman from New Zealand that I shared a cab with on the day I arrived. All this is to say there are so many intersting people you meet along the way. I have reconnected with one of the original members of “The Fellowship”, but lost one along the way as he hung back to nurse a bad knee. We’ve joked that the Camino is like the United Nations. I would love to challenge the world leaders to take two weeks and walk the Camino together. What would the world be like if they came together communally, under a common roof, sharing squeaky bunk beds in a dorm room, preparing meals and eating together, enjoying a drink in the sun after a long walk together? Can you imagine?

5 thoughts on “The people you meet

  1. Going great Janette, I love your rambling, it makes me have hope for humanity. This is an insane world we live in. You are putting a good spin on your adventure. You go girl,,,,,,,!


  2. Haha Janette, you do have a way with words. Glad I can follow along as you go! Thanks for doing this blog! Yes, I like you’re idea about the world leaders doing this walk together! Great idea.


  3. I was already tempted to get on a plane to come join you, and reading your posts only intensifies that feeling. I’ll do it one day and then we can reminisce about it together in our old age. And I love the suggestion of getting world leaders to do it together :). I’ll make that suggestion at the UN tomorrow! Enjoy every unique and enriching moment.

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  4. So glad to hear that you are walking the distance each day without injury. What brings you spiritual enrichment in this journey – nature, the quiet moments along the way, the interaction with others, something else?


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