Buen Camino

IMG_0831“Buen Camino” is a common greeting on the way. As you pass by an oncoming Spanish person you often greet them with an “hola”(hello),  and they will wish you a “Buen Camino” in turn, meaning, “a good way or journey.” They are also the words that pilgrims use as they pass each other on the trail. For me, it has come to symbolize both a friendly greeting as well as a farewell. As I begin my journey each day, I don’t know who I will meet on the trail, who I will walk with for a moment or several days, who I am walking away from that I may not see again. I wonder if there will  be a familiar face or faces at the next place I stop for the evening, or whether the strangers I meet will become friends,  as others who have become friends for a time are left behind. One hopes  that our paths will cross again, but wishing each other Buen Camino is a little like saying , “God be with you until we meet again”, though we don’t know when that will be. Today I met unfamiliar people along the path, potential “little while” friends to pass the time with on the way. One interesting man I met today is a Muslim from Zanzibar, whose Jewish friend walked the Camino several years ago and  encouraged him to do it as well. Tonight,   I have been invited to a communal meal prepared by an enthusiastic Italian  motorcyclist who has crossed my path for several days but  with whom I cannot converse, as he speaks no English and I speak no Italian, but who has invited my entire room (people he has only just met)  to enjoy his feast of spaghetti Napolian! One never knows what tomorrow will bring, but it is wonderful to enjoy the people that walk into your life for a reason, or just a moment. 

One thought on “Buen Camino

  1. Janette, this message has gone to my heart. It is so beautifully described. Keep on walking, and sharing it has been amazing.


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