I find it rather amazing in life that some things happen at precisely a moment in time and place,  and have such significance, that it proves that there is a force greater than ourselves, greater than mere coincidence, that accounts for the things that happen in our lives. After almost 40 days away,  this rainbow was the sight that greeted me the moment I awoke when we reached home after being picked up from the airport by our kids. IMG_1407It was the perfect ending to a  soujourn that took me across the ocean and into the deeper parts of myself that were in need of attention. I am still processing the many experiences I had along the way, but can say with certainty that I received what I went for, and have experienced the healing I was seeking. How these changes will manifest themselves in my life is a story yet to be told, but I hope that as I gain insights, I will be able to continue to share them with you. Thank you to those who kept myself and my family in your thoughts and prayers. I also held you close. It is good to be home and see with fresh eyes the beauty of our country Canada, and the love of family and friends. Thanks for following along on my Camino. 

One thought on “Homecoming

  1. Welcome back, Janette! I have been praying two things for you: 1. that you would be protected along the way; 2. that the Lord would bless you with spiritual insights above and beyond you imagination or understanding. Looks like both those things occurred – thank God for the beauty of His grace, mercy and love!


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