It’s just a simple vase sitting on my kitchen counter. It held flowers that were sent in sympathy following the death of my husband’s father. Just an ordinary glass container that once served to remind us of our grief, but now useless as it sits overturned, probably heading to the local thrift store to be repurposed. And yet as the sunrise of a harvest morning streamed through the kitchen door, the most amazing transformation took place. This plain and simple piece of glass became an exquisite piece of art for a fleeting moment in time as it reflected the sun’s rays. Who knew that such beauty was hidden in its simple and functional form? I snapped a quick photo and as the sun rose a little higher, the magic disappeared. I think people are a lot like that vase. Sometimes I feel like that vase. I have not quite found my way back from my Camino experience and feel a little like an upturned vase, waiting for the next thing to fill me up and make me come alive. And yet,upon reflection, perhaps this sense of being alive is not something that happens from the outside, but has been within me all along. All I ever actually needed was the proper light and the insight to see things from a new perspective. IMG_1896

One thought on “Reflections

  1. Beautiful. You had one of those fleeting “ah-ha” moments, an epiphany of sorts, like when that bright sunbeam shoots through a cloud on a direct course — in this case, down to that vase — and from there, to your perspective! This read like poetry to me Janette! Love it.


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