Message in a Bottle

20387238-E4A4-4B41-AD1A-6DCD43902AB0I have spent the majority of my summer in a somewhat self-imposed solitude at our place in Wasaga Beach. This year we witnessed the ever changing power of Mother Nature, who constantly transforms the landscape around us. This year,  the water level was up about 2 feet, in contrast to several years ago, when all were confounded by the sudden drop in the water level. With the rise in the water level, a large deposit of stones was also dropped or perhaps unearthed by the shifting of the tides and “icebergs” (if lakes have tides and icebergs…. I’m not sure if they do?) And along with the stones I discovered copious amounts of “sea glass” (ok- beach glass, but any body of water could be a sea or ocean if one were to use their imagination). And so this is jar represents the result of my summer of beach combing. Every time I find a piece of glass, I’m reminded of the lyrics of the 80’s song by The Police- “I’ll send my S.O.S to the world, I hope that someone gets my message in a bottle.” So, to anyone that has ever sent a message in a bottle…a silent plea to God – or God-with-skin-on… or “the universe”, please know that it has been received and I am grateful to have received it.


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