What if I fall…

There  is an inherent risk involved in any venture. Writing a blog means opening my heart, thoughts and experiences to anyone who cares to take a moment to take a peak into my sometimes messy life. Embarking on pilgrimage is also a risk- as one is never quite sure how the mind, body and spirit may be challenged.  I have started a fitness regime to prepare my body and with spring’s arrival, have finally been able to get outside for a run without the risk of ice slippage. Yet  one just never knows what a day will bring. Yesterday, as I was meandering along the street, not running, just walking, I came to an intersection and for no good reason, took a tumble into the road. Fortunately, there was no oncoming traffic as I lay dazed and confused on my back for a moment. Luckily my hands reflexively blocked my fall and my large Dutch milk maid breasts cushioned the blow. I credit their air bag like effect for saving me from a sprained wrist! That being said, we never really know what will befall us in this life. One minute you’re strolling along, not a care in the world, the next moment you’re turtled awkwardly in the road with people in passing cars asking if you’re ok. Yes, thank you, the only real damage is to my ego. And yet there is also a little niggling fear at the back of my mind… what if this was no random fall? What if the MS has returned? And as I think this, I come back full circle as to why I want to walk the Camino again. As the rock and roll poet Bon Jovi would say “ It’s my life, it’s now or never, I ain’t going to live forever! I just want to live while I’m alive. My heart is like an open highway….”       (if you look closely into the mirror it says, “ I love you with all my boobs. I would say my heart, but my boobs are bigger!” 🤪                          


2 thoughts on “What if I fall…

  1. Janette, I so love your honesty!! Also your courage and determination to move forward on such a big challenge!! You are a total inspiration to me! God bless your dear heart!!


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