Dumb as Sheep

Easter has come and gone and the time is quickly approaching when I will take flight. I admit that I am not as well prepared this time around, as far as training is concerned. Just yesterday I finally got around to packing my knapsack and today did a 15km walk about, trying to get the blisters over and done with before the trip. I am having some trepidation about this adventure,  as the daily stages are longer than the Camino Frances-  about 30km per day versus 22km, and this route is less popular, which leaves me with more mileage to cover and fewer guides along the way. I have my guidebook and a Camino Portuguese App, as well as google maps… but it is usually to no avail- I tend to get lost. It’s just a thing with me. So I’m really hoping I will find a shepherd along the way to keep this dumb ass sheep going in the right direction. 22F82A41-E137-4E53-BD0E-381F8CCE6B4D

One thought on “Dumb as Sheep

  1. I sure applaud your courage, Janette! I could not do what you are about to do. We will be praying for you with lots of love. xoxo


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