Castle Day


I love how the universe sometimes says “hey”! Today we parked behind this car that bore today’s date and my initials (as a kid my maiden name was Mulder, so my initials were JM) Some of you may think that’s a little too whimsical- but then again, so am I- my favourite animal being flying pigs…just saying…
So, I feel a little guilty posting this because I haven’t actually started walking my Camino yet. I arrived in Lisbon yesterday, checked into a lovely hostel and saw the highlights of the city From the back of a Vespa 🛵 (great app called With Locals that offers fun things to do in cities all over the world). Mama, the owner of the hostel – called Home Lisbon- offered a communal homemade meal, where, whom do I sit with but 5 fabulous women- all from South Western Ontario! It’s like we Canadians sniff each other out. It was a great meal with lots of laughs. Today, I hired a driver to take me to my launching point, a former Knights Templar castle town called Tomar. I hope to begin walking bright and early tomorrow morning, as the forecast is 33 degrees and sunny- a little too hot for this girls’liking… I really hate profuse sweating… Swits and swass (sweaty t&a) are just plain uncomfortable! Oh well, we will see what tomorrow brings. For now, wishing all mothers and those who have a mother a very happy Mother’s Day! From Portugal 🇵🇹 with love ❤️ JMV

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