Day One

Day one is complete, a journey from Thomar to Alvaiázere if anyone is tracking. According to my pilgrim guide, I trekked 33.2km (but actually 39.9 if elevation were included.) Portugal is a beautiful and hilly country, with very little flat land. Most of the day I walked alone through small towns, with their picturesque orange tiled roofs, pathways and forests. I enjoyed “nature bathing”, just hearing the birds, noticing my surroundings, smelling the fragrance of the eucalyptus and pine forests. The towns were teaming with beautiful flowers, as spring is in full bloom. I notice I’ve become a little like my dogs 🐶 🐶, who have to sniff at everything around them. I found it hard to pass by the profusion of roses that overhang the fences along the way without “stopping to smell”. I happened across a pair of amourous cats ( well he was trying hard- if cats could roll their eyes, that was the look she was giving me). You tend to notice all the very small and seemingly insignificant things when you walk alone with only your own thoughts for entertainment. I began my journey at 7am and ended at 4 pm- 9 hours walking in 33 degree weather. Tomorrow I will start earlier and I’ve already booked into a hostel with a swimming pool! For now, I will seek out supper with some of my fellow pilgrims and enjoy my 1 euro a beer or glass of red. Cheers for now.
Photo- the photo is our very friendly hostel owner who stamps the pilgrim passport with great enthusiasm- adding not one but 3 homemade stamps to each passport!

2 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Ahhhh, I can almost smell that eucalyptus, pine and the roses….Love reading your posts (that licence plate from your first post – W.O.W.!) May you be blessed with wonderful weather (that doesn’t leave you too Switty or Swassy, LOL), good food (and drink!) and good people on this incredible journey!


  2. Sounds like an amazing first day. Looking forward to following you on this amazing journey. Stay safe and enjoy every minute.


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