Sunshine, Rain, Joy, Pain


Today was a long and varied day- sunshine in the morning walking through lovely towns with cobblestone streets, followed by a nasty downpour that wasn’t in the forecast. It was probably the most beautiful scenery to date, climbing in the mountains, especially the sight of a valley full of calla lilies growing in the forest, much like the trilliums back home- bringing joy. The pain came at the end of my 34.7km, with my feet cramping up and the development of a strange rash on the back of both legs. The last 8km seemed to go on forever (9 hours start to finish) and it was a challenge to appreciate the sights by that point. That being said, once I arrived at the pilgrim hostel and settled in, the pain was quickly forgotten and a stroll around town and dinner company ended the day well. Early night and a shorter day tomorrow. Cooler temperatures are a blessing.

One thought on “Sunshine, Rain, Joy, Pain

  1. The lilies are amazing, nothing like flowers to cheer one up. Sounds like your day finished well.
    Good hiking tomorrow.Hugs h


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