Climb Every Mountain


So today I channeled my inner mountain goat and climbed the mountain you see in the background of this photo. The greatest challenge is doing it with a back pack, but I made without incident and actually pushed past my planned stopping point to arrive at a beautifully refurbished traditional stone farmhouse that will offer a communal meal later tonight. The scenery on my last day here in Portugal was lovely- mountain springs and waterfalls, sheep grazing on the hillside (I discovered that Portugués sheep say “maa”, not “baa”- thought you should know). I walked on Roman roads and well worn paths where time and constant travel have left steep walls on both sides of the path. This Camino is much more about solitude than the other, which was about fellowship. It is good, and I enjoy the time to think, or not to think. Sometimes I just sing songs in my head, sometimes out loud. Strange, when I came to a cafe that had a television on , the same song that was in my head was showing as a video. Sort of like a “déjà vu” experience. Does that only happen to me? Tomorrow I will enter Spain and will have about 140km left to Santiago, and then about 90km to Finisterre.

One thought on “Climb Every Mountain

  1. I would call that a “Godincidence,” Janette, but then I see most things theologically!! Love and blessings. Bob


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