Dwelling and Resting, and Eating


Given that I did a long walk yesterday, I decided to walk only for the morning today and take a Sabbath rest for the remainder of the day. I am in a lovely medieval town in the Galicia region of Spain called Tui and have already enjoyed the seafood offerings that this region is known for. I was able to find a quiet corridor behind the cathedral where I sat and soaked up some heat units like a solar panel. For some strange reason, as I walked into the cathedral, I was told it was closed- even though others were being let in, and the doors have been closed since. Very odd that the main cathedral in town closes its doors on a Sunday! It also looked like it charged money to go in- so that would have kept me out anyway. Reminds me of that guy who got really angry about the money changers working the church circuit… Anyway, I have enjoyed “dwelling in the shadow of the shelter and finding rest (Ps. 91).” It is 7p.m. and I will head out shortly for find some dinner and hopefully some company. Most restaurants don’t open until 8pm here, so I have had to adjust my eating habits to suit. Went into a candy store to get some snacks for the trail and found these. Only available in Spain I think 🤔 D54D1796-BA06-4945-BD39-339DB5DB1FD3.jpeg

One thought on “Dwelling and Resting, and Eating

  1. You look great and got to love candy in any form enjoy your evening. All the best for starting out tomorrow ❤️


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