Not going to lie, today’s walk was more about just reaching my destination than enjoying the journey. I decided to combine two shorter stages into one, as the original stage took me through an industrial area and ended in a modern town that I was more interested in passing through than visiting. However, the mileage was high (34.5km, closer to 40 with altitude changes) and I am hunkered down for the night at 9:15 p.m. I’m not the only one, but it’s still light outside, so sleep may be a challenge. Today was a little more reality based- walking through modern towns where people live and work- the populated areas verses the rural and forest routes that harken to ancient times. I sometimes lose myself in daydreams and whimsy in those areas- but not today. Today was more of a trek, and the greatest challenge was when the next washroom facility would appear. Unfortunately, the Spanish Beer, Estrella, is very good, but seems to pass quite quickly through the system. I felt like a dog marking territory all day long, which, as the ladies know, is not an easy endeavour in the great outdoors. I’m not saying I peed my pants, I’m just saying I might have gotten a little on me. Too much information? Men don’t know how good they’ve got it. I’m quite certain that several pilgrims and locals were treated to a lovely view of my behind today, though I tried to be discreet. Oh well, that’s Camino. It is less than 100km to Santiago now and I hope to be there in 4 more days. I appreciate all of you who are following along and commenting. I think of you along the way and carry you with me. Cheers 🍻

4 thoughts on “Destination

  1. I must say I look forward to your daily posts and seeing what adventures you are having every day. I’ve been reading up on the Camino as well and it just sounds so fascinating. Keep up the amazing work….you rock lady!!!


  2. Thanks so much for the daily updates. Get a sense of being there with you.
    Simon and I walked 27 K on a rail trail yesterday and it was tough – not sure how you get through 30 K plus everyday and get up and do it again.
    We marked our territory many times!


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