Two Signs


I left Santiago this morning to begin my walk to Finisterra, the ocean and the planned end point of my journey. Two interesting things happened. The first was when I stopped to take a break in an enchanted forest grove where trees covered in ivy draped their branches over a meandering stream. I deposited my knapsack on the picnic bench provided, but was drawn towards a large sitting rock next to the water. As I rested my weary feet and gazed into the water, there on the stream bed lay a small Canadian flag pin. It’s base was rusted, so it’s been there a while- but I marveled at the chance sighting and of course, was reminded of home. Thank you to the unseen forces for for the lovely message!
The next sign I saw was pilgrim graffiti that said “Find Your Limits”. Today I reached mine. Like the scene in the movie Forest Gump, where one day, for no apparent reason, Forest stops his cross country run- I too have decided to stop walking. I need a rest and the blister on my heel is a pain. There is a readily available bus to Finisterra in the morning, so I am planning to take it. I’ve got nothing to prove by walking any further, and if the mood hits, there is a quaint seaside village called Muxía, north of Finisterra, that is within walking distance. So, those are my signs for now. I will let you know where the spirit moves me in the next few days. Sending love to Canada and my Camino friends abroad.

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