A Higher Love


I have mentioned before how friendships are quickly made and deepened on the Camino. One person that I have been “tracking” with is a man that I would consider a “character of Camino”. I have mentioned him several times already, as he has offered me snacks, food and company on numerous occasions. We run into each other every few days. He is an extraordinary man. I am quite certain he has asbergers, as he has a keen intellect, speaks at least 4 languages, sings beautifully and is at times blissfully unaware of social conventions, making him honest, open and joyful! His pack weighs 16 kg, a fact that he is quite proud of, while the rest of us are challenged to carry 10kg. He is the cantor at his monastery and carries song sheets and even a tuning fork. He is never without a beer, a Fanta and water, which adds another 1 kg, he proudly boasts.  He has been known to sing aloud in the early morning, and given that he rises at 5:30 am, his lovely voice is not always appreciated. The other night, after we had spent some time singing together on a sheltered porch while the rain poured around us, he spontaneously offered to oil the feet of myself and another woman that had been singing with him. He ran up to his room and came down with a large tube of arnica oil. He took my feet in his hands and rubbed them,  as we spoke about how Jesus had washed the feet of the disciples. When he finished, he kissed my blistered, callousled, but now perfumed foot. After he had oiled the feet of the other woman, she in turn massaged his feet and hands. It was a beautiful picture of love at its purest. Yes, men and women can be friends, giving and receiving love in all it’s beauty. Thank you Brother Sebastian. You are a beautiful man of God.