On life and death

One of the experts of the grieving process, a woman who is credited with compassionate care for the dying and instigating the palliative care and hospice movements in North America, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, is quoted as saying, “Dying is a human process, in the same way that being born is a normal and all -human process”.
Today I am reminded of both sides of this human process- birth and death. I celebrate (in my absence) the birth of our lovely first-born daughter Karen. She brings laughter, love and uncanny organizational skills to our whole family and I am so happy she has found a life partner who brings out her best, shares her passions for travel, sports and play, and will add some English blood into the gene pool! We are excited to welcome both Tom and the new fur baby (🐶) into our family!
On a sad note, yesterday I was informed that a fellow pilgrim from my first Camino, Brother Sebastian, a man that I wrote about in my first blog as a true “character of the Camino” has died. Brother Sebastian exemplified a “joie de vivre” which was infectious. He was quick to share his food, drink and songs with others along the way. He carried the extra weight of a tuning fork and song books in his pack, always prepared to sing with others, as he was a cantor at the monastery where he spent 33 years of his life. Two years ago, I attended mass at the cathedral in Santiago with Brother Sebastian and I received such pleasure watching his excitement as we pressed in close to where the giant incense burner, the Botafumeiro, was swung from the rafters of the grandiose cathedral ceiling. Tomorrow I will again be in Santiago and I will attend the pilgrim mass ,this time in memory of my friend, Brother Sebastian. I will remember how he embodied the spirit of the Camino and will forever think of him as Saint Sebastian. I look forward to singing with him again one day when I too reach my final destination and go home. B3B06C0F-95B8-4F9A-BA14-36162DCFB9DA

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