I am a broken vessel- with pieces lost that cannot be replaced. All the shards laying on the table- no longer useful for the purpose for which I thought I was created- like a cup unable to hold water.

So I wait. I wait for the Creator’s hand to gather me together – to examine each piece- and slowly, laboriously, meld them back together with seams of gold- filling the missing spaces with shiny brilliance- making the scars more sacred…valued.                                    I am whole once again. Repurposed into a work of art of greater value than the original. Beauty from ashes. Beauty in brokenness.  We are all broken and waiting…


Dumb as Sheep

Easter has come and gone and the time is quickly approaching when I will take flight. I admit that I am not as well prepared this time around, as far as training is concerned. Just yesterday I finally got around to packing my knapsack and today did a 15km walk about, trying to get the blisters over and done with before the trip. I am having some trepidation about this adventure,  as the daily stages are longer than the Camino Frances-  about 30km per day versus 22km, and this route is less popular, which leaves me with more mileage to cover and fewer guides along the way. I have my guidebook and a Camino Portuguese App, as well as google maps… but it is usually to no avail- I tend to get lost. It’s just a thing with me. So I’m really hoping I will find a shepherd along the way to keep this dumb ass sheep going in the right direction. 22F82A41-E137-4E53-BD0E-381F8CCE6B4D