Day 1- Up and over the Pyrenees

IMG_0264Plane, trains  and automobile got me to my starting point at St. Jean Pied du Port yesterday and to a very welcoming auberge (hostel) where I met an international crew of fellow pilgrims and enjoyed a communal dinner. Dorm room sleeping is a challenge- mostly for me because, I’m embarrassed to admit, I snore and I’m so concerned about keeping others awake that I sleep lightly, and snore more! Oh well, pilgrims are forewarned about this so it’s not really my problem. Left this mornining at 8 am and walked about 7 hours through the mountain trail. The sun was warm, the wind at my back and the scenery spectacular. The company and the red wine are good and I am exhausted. Hope to have more to say tomorrow but exhaustion calls. I haven’t lost my way yet- my theme of the day was just to follow those who had gone before me- nothing new  as each of us pilgrims are really just following those who have gone down this ancient path before us.

7 thoughts on “Day 1- Up and over the Pyrenees

  1. Hope you are able to sleep better,you really need your rest. free film yesterday, good crowd and much help from Gibson centre. Think of you,stay well, happy and rested.


  2. Just wish I had known about your snore problem, Janette. I use a cloth strap to hold my chin up and the snoring (and sleep apnea), magically disappears!! Can just imagine the kind of scenery you are experiencing! Drink it all in! Blessings Bob


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