Camino Fashion

Today we experienced the wind and rain that is common to walking The Camino in the spring. I was thankful for the advice I heeded about purchasing a rain poncho that would protect both body and knapsack from the elements. Must admit I had a bit of a “George Bush at the Trump inauguration” moment the first time I struggled to put it on. It also flaps like a flag in the wind, and I had to hold onto the sides to keep it from taking flight. However, it did the job and I arrived at my destination for the day with wet legs and feet but with a dry knapsack and body. Last night I reunited with a couple of Camino friends that I had been separated from the previous night. We stayed in an albergue (hostel) that was housed in an old church with mattresses on the floor. It was one of the simplest in terms of facilities, yet the people that run it were so friendly and kind, with a communal meal served family style on two long tables, that it solidified the goodness and generosity that can be experienced along the Way. I had not had a great experience the previous night when I had stayed alone in a municipal albergue in a city celebrating a holiday, similar to a town festival like the Alliston Potato Fest. The bunk beds were doubled up in the middle of the room and single bunks lined the perimeter, sandwiching the maximum number of people into a common room. However, in hind sight, I realize it is the less desirable times that make the good times seem even better. Being without my Camino friends for a night made me recognize how good it has been to have fellowship along the way. Fighting against the wind and rain today made me appreciate even more how blessed I have been to have had sunshine and warmth for the majority of my journey so far. Suffering with blisters and sore legs makes stopping at the end of the day a joy! Stopped at 1:00 pm today after a “short” 20km day, having averaged about 28km for the past few days. Enjoying a Sabbath rest.

4 thoughts on “Camino Fashion

  1. I can picture you trying to get on your poncho, I had a similar experience on our alaska cruise.
    Good news Janette, we had a full house for our TIFF film today MAUDIE! Felt good. Take care of those feet. Enjoying your experiences. Take care, and watch out for those pride of running cats. XOXO Patsy


  2. You are so positive and hope-filled, Janette! Love the way you see the good side of virtually everything!


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