Camino Time

IMG_0698.JPGToday marks day 15 since I began walking this journey. It is difficult to describe the passage of time while walking the Camino. On the one hand, I can’t believe that two weeks have slipped by so quickly and that I’m already a third of the way into my journey. I want time to slow down so I can savour every moment. The days pass by, one after the other, with sights new to me, but ancient and worn by time. It’s not uncommon to see the facade of a row of houses where a modern, well kept exterior is adjacent to a medieval crumbling wall- past and present existing in beautiful harmony. The church spire usually towers over the towns and cities through which the Camino passes. The public square adjacent to the church is often the common gathering place for both pilgrims and locals alike. Yesterday, as one of my fellow travellers and I were leaving our accommodations in the predawn of the morning, we walked across the square fronting the magestic Burgos Cathedral. At that precise moment in time, we crossed paths with another member of “the fellowship”, coming from a different lodging and a different direction. We had not prearranged this serendipitous moment in any way, yet there the three of us were, starting the day together in silent companionship. Something very special about Camino time!

One thought on “Camino Time

  1. Good morning Janette, I also am up in the predawn. My journey very different from your amazing trek. Hard to believe that in two weeks,you have done one third of your walk. Slow down and smell the roses and savour every food and drink along the way. I wish you safe and happy journey. Hugs too.


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