Rest and Reunion

IMG_0974Yesterday I arrived in Leon, a larger city that marks the halfway point of my journey. I decided to walk 37 km in one go, as I had read that the last stage of the journey out of the Meseta and into Leon is along highways and through industrial zones, and getting there quickly would give me an extra night and days rest.  At times I was waking alongside a busy highway (rather dangerous), followed by a stretch that was more protected but would be the equivalent of walking into Toronto along the 401. However, once I reached the city centre, with its historic  catherdral, numerous sidewalk cafes and public squares, I was able to take in the beauty of the place. After the silence and rural nature of the Meseta, as well as the simplicity of walking through each day, it is a bit of a jolt to be reminded of the hustle and bustle of regular life. Of course, I found myself directionally challenged trying to find my accommodations for the night, as google maps only works when connected to wifi, but that’s another story… I am taking a few days to rest here in Leon. I have already reunited with one friend who is recouperating from a knee injury and another friend who is continuing on his way today. Plans are underway to sit in a coffee shop, watching the world go by, give my feet and legs a break, and do a little exploring of the city.

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